Yesterday I posted about kawaii land. There will be live music and fashion shows throughout the night, the venue has two levels overlooking a dance floor and runway and throughout the venue there will be aritsts and vendors. There will be food inspired by the Japanese culture I am told.

the tickets are 15$ you can email me for more information at heirofglee@yahoo.com if you are interested. Located in NYC for their first time and at stage 48. Its starts 6pm and ends around 11 and it also has an after party. You have to be 18+ and its on july 25th

Dont forget we are still doing this to


here to buy tickets


Ulrika is my number one WESTERN GAL inspiration, she’s STUNNING!

****(I wish she could upload her blog more often)****


Any plus size kogal/kogyarus out there?

Where do you cuties get your clothes, I have found 0 options in my size (US26, 52” 43” 48”) ;;


earlier this week (*´・v・)


I feel way more confident in how I did my makeup this time around. Still no circle lenses but they’re on their way!! ^^

I’m proud of my contour, and that’s thanks to Ari Marie! She made a really nice nose contour tutorial that helped tons!

On my way to being 100% gal!

(As always, constructive criticism is more than welcome!


Outfit for my flight! Usually I dress like a bum but I’m going out with friends straight after I land in Sydney! #perth #sydney #ootd #wiwt #lizlisa #fashion #gyaru


Back and uploaded the tutorial for this look  ; v ;



★Today d.i.a outfit★