Hey guys! I’m going to make a quick post about this on my blog, since loads of amazing gyaru follow me. I’m starting a video series project that will hopefully be a super in-depth guide to gyaru. I’d love for some of you to help with this, creating videos as well. So here is a facebook group made for the project. Please join if you are willing to help and have experience with gyaru!


'bout that seifuku life (◡‿◡✿)


Mika - Reborn

milkywayheart asked:
Hello Gals,, I was hoping some of you could help me out. I'm a bit of a novice to bottom eyelashes and I'm going for an eye shape similar to Guri/Gura's older style (circa 2009). I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what eyelashes they use for the top and bottom and maybe scans of some tutorials to achieve their shape? Thank you so much!

Hopefully someone can help :D Following the permalink should lead to disqus q’s so posting is made easier. I’ll see what I can find to help also.


Ootd and makeup♡


Some recent coordinates of mine 

More posts on my Instagram, thank you so much for looking!


Saved my favourite photos for last~! 

Not a Tapout fan but I really liked this outfit ^_^

Gaijin Gyaru Search


Curiously wondering if there are any gyarus or gaijin gyarus in Vancouver, Burnaby or Surrey BC ??



Hi everyone, my name is Leigh Johnson and I actually really need help from the Gyaru community, especially the Himekaji community. For my Advanced Composition class we have to do an ethnographic study on a subculture we find interesting and I chose Himekaji fashion. It’s a simple study but I…

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