My new #PrincessMelody OP plus a new hairstyle #himegyaru #Gaijingyaru #gyaru


steeeeaaaaling Yami’s pictures

this was us at the meet yesterday, I’m third from left. UK gal comm is full of perfect qts.


Anastasia, Chewiee and Kei during hyper japan ! 

(c) Pat Lyttle


New blogpost about my day in Amsterdam and ma*rs coord. Feel free to check it out! ∵ゞ(´ε`●) ♡


Photoshoot for a clothing store in Taiwan! I wanted to post these way earlier. I finally got permission from the owner to post them so here they are ^_^


FINALLY have a new video up!


Outfit & make for the meet yesterday <3

I actually like this lighter style of eyemake a lot more, picked it up from an Ageha tutorial, but I really like darker/more dramatic makeup… I just kind of suck at it. Guess I need to practise.

Back to School Fashion Idea Help


I am going back to school in a week and I am FINALLY going to wear my Japanese, dolly, ect style in public full force. I was wondering if any of you could give me some coord pictures to give me an idea. Even though it is nearly fall in places I live in a desert where it is summer 110 and above until October. I love any gyaru style and dolly fashion in general. Thanks!

P.S. Simple dolly makeup would also be helpful